What is the best e liquid?

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Among the hundreds of flavors available for sale and far ahead of the original e- liquid flavors and exotic , stand more traditional perfumes. For starters, the e liquid tobacco is undoubtedly the winner and for a very simple reason: the success of the e-cigarette is in part due to former smokers who switched to ” vape ” and who wish to return the flavor tobacco. There are a wide range of liquid tobacco flavor where there are flavors of blond tobacco, brown, light, normal. Some manufacturers of liquid seek to replicate the taste of cigarettes brands.

Second ranking position of our best e liquid , mint e liquid is also one of the most requested flavors. Freshness in the mouth is certainly one of the reasons why this liquid works so well . There are several variations of power . From the simple to the extra strong mint to mint more adventurous.

A sweeter flavor however occupies the third place: e liquid vanilla. The smell of vanilla is familiar to everyone. Hit the felt is soft and sweet and the scent of more vape rejected is rather nice to his neighbors. I am curious to know the consumers male / female distribution 😉

Another sweet taste e liquid bubble gum. Original rather , its success must be related to the familiar flavor of “candy” and then finally, we find all the fruit flavors led by the e liquid apple I personally consider to be the best e liquid , followed closely by cherry and strawberry to name a few.

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Can you smoke electronic cigarettes on airplanes, bars or nightclubs?

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The answer is yes. Why not? First because, it is legal to smoke an electronic cigarette in the same places where the traditional snuff is prohibited. Second, the vapor of the electronic cigarette is not harmful to others, since it does not contain harmful particles that can be inhaled by other people around you. Also the smell is not unpleasant and the vapor dilutes in the atmosphere very quickly, so you should not bother anyone. Another advantage for the use in public places is that electronic cigarette vapor contains particles that adhere to the skin or clothing, avoiding unpleasant odors indoors after sharing with fumadores.

However there are some nuances to consider in special situations.

Such as the electronic cigarette smoking on an airplane.

A priori it is NOT illegal to smoke inside a plane, however, inside the cockpit of an aircraft it is very possible for other smokers to travel with you, who can see the steam out of the area of your seat and not see clearly what you are smoking, and so to generate confusion and unwanted situations.

Thus, an airline may deny your right to smoke, claiming an alleged commitment to safety in flight, creating conflicting situations and provoke traditional snuff smokers over the course of the trip.

It is preferable to avoid smoking during the flight, but if you feel the urge to smoke at some point, it is desirable to inform any of the members of the crew that you are going to use your electronic cigarette, possibly within the basin or any part of the aircraft that is not explicitly visible for the rest of our community. Usually the stewardesses or flight attendants do not oppose you to smoke your Electronic Cigarette.

In a special case of anxiety, you can also give a few puffs and eject the “steam” to your feet, as the smoke disappears quickly without leaving odors or other evidence.

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